Feb 27 - Trent Arena at KFHS (W&P on first) - closed

Feb 27 - Trent Arena at KFHS (W&P on first) - closed
February 27, 2021
Kettering, OH

James S. Trent Arena
3301 Shroyer Rd
Kettering, OH 45429

Spectator Information


6 and under - are free of charge (must have a 6 and under ticket)
7 and up - $8.50

Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Purchase links will go live on Tuesday 2/23.

Click Here to Purchase Tickets

All spectators, staff, and performers must wear masks that cover the nose and mouth.

Guard Ratings-

Elementary Color Guard:
  • Franklin Elementary Wildkittens - (1) Superior
  • Northmont Wee Bolts Winterguard - (2) Excellent
  • The Little Belles - (2) Excellent
Junior Color Guard:
  • Centerville Jr. Guard - (1) Superior
  • Bellbrook Middle School - (2) Excellent
  • Kings Juniors - (2) Excellent
  • Franklin Junior High Winter Guard - (1) Superior
Scholastic Regional AA:
  • Butler High School Winterguard - (2) Excellent
  • Hamilton High School Winterguard - (1) Superior
  • Walter E. Stebbins JV - (1) Superior
Scholastic Regional A:
  • Troy HS Regional A - (1) Superior
  • Xenia Winterguard - (1) Superior
  • Kettering Fairmont HS JV - (1) Superior
  • Northmont JV Guard - (1) Superior
Scholastic AA:
  • Elder High School Winterguard - (1) Superior
  • Miamisburg A Guard - (1) Superior
Scholastic A:
  • Hamilton Winter Guard - (1) Superior
  • Fairborn Winter Guard - (1) Superior
  • Kings HS - (1) Superior
  • Franklin HS Winter Guard - (2) Excellent
  • Carroll High School Winter Guard - (3) Good
  • Kettering High School - (2) Excellent
  • Northmont High School Varsity Guard - (1) Superior
  • Walter E. Stebbins HS - (1) Superior
  • Mason HS - (1) Superior
  • Beavercreek High School - (1) Superior
Scholastic Open:
  • Milford High School (Open) - (1) Superior
  • Centerville HS - (1) Superior
  • Bellbrook High School - (1) Superior
Independent Open:
  • Westerville Independent Winterguard - (2) Excellent
Scholastic World:
  • Miamisburg World Guard - (1) Superior
Independent World:
  • The Collective - (1) Superior
Director Information

Percussion & Winds Lot Warm Up

In order to continue our positive relationships with the City of Kettering and Kettering Fairmont High School, percussion and winds groups may not warm up outside until after 12 PM. Groups who violate this request may be penalized.

Entrance & Exit

Tarps may be folded however the group prefers since there is no overlapping interval time (and no need for a timing line) this season. From the perspective of the audience, groups will enter from the back left and exit to the front right.

Flow & Site Maps

Groups will exit directly to the outside and will not re-enter the building. Groups must take their belongings with them through the flow.

ECG and JCG groups will warm up in the area marked Holding Area on the Color Guard map instead of Warm Up A/B. A MEPA Representative will direct you to the correct holding area.



Color Guard Music Upload

Directors may upload their performance music in a MP3 or WAV file via CompetitionSuite. Using this system is not required and groups can use their own CD or sound device if desired. Instructions on uploading music. CompetitionSuite uploads will shut down on at 11pm EST on the Wednesday prior to the event.

Emergency/Day of Show Contact

Jonathon Shaw, Contest Administrator & Site Manager
[email protected]

312-493-6734 (text communication preferred)

Judge Information


Group ProgramMatt Stevens
Group SkillsMichele Bowers


MusicChad Heiny
VisualMatt Stevens
Concert - Music

Chad Heiny/Matt Stevens

WINDSAnalysis (Music and Visual)Greg Mills
Overall EffectBrian Brown
T&PChris Tomsa

FINAL Schedule can be found in Director Information

Winds Scholastic A
Hamilton High School Winter Winds
65.750 (1)
Winds Scholastic Open
Miamisburg HS Winds
77.250 (1)
Winds Independent Open
Inertia Independent Winds
78.500 (1)
Percussion Scholastic Regional A
Brookville High School Winter Percussion
Percussion Scholastic A
Troy Indoor Percussion
Kettering Fairmont
Northmont Indoor Percussion
Bellbrook High School Indoor Percussion Ensemble
Loveland High School Indoor Percussion
Fairborn High School Indoor Drumline
Northeastern Indoor Percussion
Percussion Independent Open
Triple Crown
Percussion Scholastic World
Centerville Winter Drumline
Elementary Color Guard
Franklin Elementary Wildkittens
Northmont Wee Bolts Winterguard
The Little Belles
Junior Color Guard
Centerville Junior Guard
Bellbrook Middle School
Kings Juniors
Franklin Junior High Winter Guard
Scholastic Regional AA
Butler High School Winterguard
Hamilton High School JV Winter Guard
Walter E. Stebbins JV
Scholastic Regional A
Troy HS
Xenia Winterguard
Kettering JV
Northmont JV Guard
Scholastic AA
Elder High School Winterguard
Miamisburg A Guard
Scholastic A
Hamilton High School Winter Guard
Fairborn Winter Guard
Kings HS
Franklin HS Winter Guard
Carroll High School Winter Guard
Kettering Fairmont High School
Northmont High School Varsity Guard
Walter E. Stebbins High School (Inactive)
Mason HS (Inactive)
Beavercreek High School
Scholastic Open
Milford High School (World)
Centerville HS
Bellbrook High School
Independent Open
Westerville Independent Winterguard
Exhibition Open
Scholastic World
Miamisburg World Guard
Independent World
The Collective