Feb 8 - Fairfield High School

Feb 8 - Fairfield High School
February 8, 2020
Fairfield, OH

Fairfield High School
8800 Holden Blvd
Fairfield, OH 45014

Spectator Information


Adults (age 19 and over) - $10
Seniors (62 and up) - $8
Students (age 7-18) - $7
Children (6 & Under) - FREE

There is no charge for parking.

Director Information

Timing Line

Vertical--from the perspective of the audience, groups will enter from the front right and exit to the middle left. PLEASE NOTE: Groups exit almost directly to the outside/reload area--please be prepared with appropriate footwear, jackets, etc.

Flow & Site Maps

Uploaded below.


Location: Music Room--near Warm Up B on the Percussion map or in the closed Performing Arts hallway on the Color Guard map.

Color Guard Critique: 5:00 pm

Percussion Critique: 7:15 pm

Winds Critique: 7:50 pm

Starting in 2020, MEPA will utilize the critique sign-up option available in CompetitionSuite. CompetitionSuite sign-ups will close on at 11pm EST on the Wednesday prior to the event.

Groups who have signed up will be taken in performance order. If a unit does not sign up prior to the deadline on CompetitionSuite, the unit representative may ask to be seen after the units that have signed up if time allows.

Please check in with the MEPA representative when you arrive at the critique location to ensure your group will be called. Start times are approximate.

Spiel Sheet

To complete spiel sheet information, go to your "Administration" tab, then select "Mid East Performance Association" along the left-hand side. Anything in parentheses will not be announced, so please provide pronunciation help for show titles or director names that our announcer may have trouble with.

Color Guard Music Upload

Directors may upload their performance music in a MP3 or WAV file via CompetitionSuite. Using this system is not required and groups can use their own CD or sound device if desired. Instructions on uploading music. CompetitionSuite uploads will shut down on at 11pm EST on the Wednesday prior to the event.


Available via CompetitionSuite.

Emergency/Day of Show Contact

Julie Noble, Contest Administrator & Site Manager
[email protected]
937-657-6560 (text communication preferred)

Judge Information


Equipment Jonathan Lischak
Movement Reiko Casteen
Design Analysis Doug Casteen (LJ)
General Effect 1 Lee Carlson
General Effect 2 Randy Nelson


EFF-Music/Artistry Chad Heiny (LJ)
EFF-Visual Matt Stevens
Music Omar Carmenates
Visual Gary Graves


Music Analysis Al Lilly
Visual Analysis Doug Casteen (LJ)
Overall Effect Randy Nelson


Chris Tomsa
Commentary Test - Guard
Commentary Test Group
Exhibition Line Unit
Hamilton High School JV Winter Guard
Senior Flag Line
Eaton High School JV Winterguard
62.850 (1)
Elementary Color Guard
Franklin Elementary Wildkittens
73.860 (1)
Junior Color Guard
Mad River Junior Winter Guard
58.910 (2)
Franklin Junior High Winter Guard
66.760 (1)
Scholastic Regional AA
Jaguar Junior Color Guard
0.000 (12)
Goshen High School Winterguard
45.560 (8)
Fairfield High School JV Winter Guard
50.260 (7)
Eaton High School Varsity Winterguard
54.150 (3)
Preble Shawnee Winterguard
42.610 (11)
Indian Hill High School Winterguard
44.180 (10)
Gallatin County Winter Guard
45.550 (9)
Taylor High School
50.800 (6)
West Clermont Winter Guard
56.260 (2)
Indian Lake Winter Guard
53.360 (4)
Waynesville High School Winter Guard
52.490 (5)
Lloyd Memorial Varsity Winterguard
57.650 (1)
Scholastic Regional A
Clinton-Massie Winter Guard
55.260 (4)
Beavercreek High School Winter Guard (RA)
65.560 (1)
Simon Kenton Winter Guard
56.790 (2)
Carlisle High School
55.270 (3)
Independent Regional A
Gravity Independent
50.290 (1)
Scholastic AA
Alter High School Winterguard
52.520 (3)
Hilliard Bradley Winter Guard
59.790 (1)
Colerain Winter Guard
59.500 (2)
Scholastic A
64.960 (4)
Fairborn Winter Guard
61.600 (5)
West Carrollton High School Winter Guard
54.430 (6)
Fairfield High School Varsity Winter Guard
66.320 (3)
Carroll High School Winter Guard
69.680 (1)
Beavercreek High School
67.550 (2)
Independent A
Onyx Independent A
69.020 (2)
74.550 (1)
Independent Open
Onyx (Open)
71.300 (1)
Exhibition World
Independent World
72.300 (1)
Commentary Test - Perc
Commentary Test Group
Percussion Scholastic Concert A
Elder High School Indoor Percussion Ensemble
66.000 (2)
West Clermont HS
75.100 (1)
Percussion Scholastic Junior
Lebanon Junior Drumline
65.250 (1)
Percussion Scholastic Regional A
Hilliard Bradley High School Indoor Percussion
77.050 (1)
Simon Kenton Indoor Percussion
71.300 (2)
Percussion Scholastic A
Forest Hills Indoor Percussion Ensemble
74.700 (2)
Milford Indoor Percussion Ensemble
76.800 (1)
70.550 (3)
Oak Hills Indoor Percussion Ensemble
69.200 (4)
Percussion Independent World
Rhythm X
80.800 (1)
Commentary Test - Winds
Commentary Test Group
Winds Independent World
Rhythm X (WIW)
75.900 (1)